The Original Story – Way to Go

Way to Go is the first book of an original series about a lady in the travel business in her late twenties. The story begins with a brutal day of travel to a company sales meeting and ending with the travel company going belly-up (that really happened to me) and stranded in Miami. She drowns her sorrows in the hotel bar and ends her day with a drunken one night stand that she can’t remember. She travels home the next day to her kooky little golf cart Mayberry like hometown in Georgia.

Unemployment is not going to work, and she has a lot of angry travel agents wanting a piece of her. She lucks out and happens to find a job in the newspaper with a little Atlanta tour company that might work and applies for the position of a group tour escort. She is hired on the spot, and is virtually sling-shotted to Jamaica with her first group the next day. There is a mixed bag of characters in the group and one very unusual member, a mysterious and sexy young southern guy (a surprise for those of you that read my Lost and Found fanfic). Then of all the luck, she gets a bigger surprise. Turns out all of a sudden to be a too small and crazy world for her.

Of course everything that can go wrong with the tour does. Mr. mysterious disappears a few times, and then McGyver’s them out of a couple of situations. After her second trip with a group with the little tour company and another mysterious tour member, she starts to think that the little tour company in Atlanta may not be what is seems. Think mission control and Maxwell Smart type humor and antics. The book is chock full of hot guys, kooky characters including friends, and family, and even critters. Basically, fully loaded with my kind of humor that most of you are familiar with.


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