FYI about Trenton for the JE fans

The best pizza place in Trenton is De Lorenzo’s (in my opinion). They were just a tiny little place since 1947 and then they moved to Hamilton Township. Then there is Papa’s and Mama Rosa’s.

Trentonian’s don’t eat pizza. They eat tomato pies.

Trenton is known for it’s Italian bakeries and the cannoli and cannoli cake and well known for cheesecake. Lots of flavors.

Best Italian restaurants are Senttimo Cielo , Mamma Rosa’s, La Villa (has good tomato pies too).

Trenton has always been eclectic and even more so now. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Polish, Mexican, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, Irish, Jamaican, Hungarian, etc

According to my husband, Chambersburg in South Trenton is getting to be the BAD part of town now. No longer like the close knit community of the Janet Evanovich  Plum books.