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See the exotic places Veronica Lane visits during her adventures in the Way to Go Series. It’s a feast for the eyes. Literally.


Way to Roll Release Update!

Way to Roll is expected to release on January 1, 2016


It has been a while since I posted. Been doing my thing, writing. I have been working on an unfinished story that was popular with many of you, Brace for Babe, and hope to have it ready around the new year as well. Also, I’ll be releasing a two book humor/romance set in the first quarter of the year that is kind of an ode to Janet Evanovich’s Ranger. Well, it stars a sexy bounty hunter anyway. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Good health to you and my best wishes.

Mandy aka basketcse

Fans & Interviews!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my first author interview with you. It was with a book blogger in the U.K. A very sweet lady, named Fiona. The full interview is located here:

A true fan and a great lady wanted to share a special photo with me. This is Maggie M., also known to the Plum fiction fans as Vulcan Rider. Another sweet lady with heart. She sent this cute pic to show me that she had just received my book. I absolutely loved it and asked if I could share it. Isn’t she so darn cute!


In other news, Way to Roll is finished. The tentative release will be January 2016. Will keep you updated on that.

Thank you! Now it’s time for a vacation…

Thanks to everyone that stopped by on blog tour day. Thank you for the reviews, books purchased and most of all, for your support. Those that write, know how good it feels just to sit down and wiggle your fingers, and start pounding on those mostly blank keys. At least mine are. The thing that I didn’t realize after the elation of a book deal, the adrenalin of the crunch time writing and editing rush to deliver on time, then everything else that comes with releasing your first book; In the end, even doing what you love, is stressful and exhausting.

Now I’m tired and my bare keyboard is starting to get dusty. So, I’m ready for a little R&R and then I’ll clean my writing room and maybe buy a new keyboard. Get back to the fun part.

FYI – Funny phenomenon. I created a Pinterest board for my book with Veronica’s destinations that she traveled, the food she ate, etc. And with a map. So many people have loved that. So, if you want something that is interactive, check it out.


Virtual Book Blog Tour May 4 for Way to Go

A book blog tour is scheduled for May 4 through

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There will 49 blog sites included as hosts during the tour and there will be Giveaways! So if you have time, check these guys out! Check my Facebook and Twitter page throughout the day for updates. Here is the list of blog sites.

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A reminder – Way to Go is available now for Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. In 90 days, it will be available in epub form for Nook on Barnes & Noble and will be available on Books-A-Million. I have been asked about Kobo and I have forwarded that question to my publisher.

First Review of Way to Go is Fantastic!

I blogged this on my author site and repeating it here for you girls.

It is hard to describe the vast number of feelings I’m sure any creative person experiences on their very first project. There is excitement, nerves, even doubts when you feel that you did your very best. So, at three in the morning I was sitting at the computer with bated breath, knee bouncing, a foot tapping, waiting for my book to go live on Amazon. After hitting the refresh button numerous times, I could clearly hear the anti-climatic scratching sound that a needle makes on a vinyl record in my head. Then I went to bed.

When I rose mid-morning, I had my ta-da moment. There it was, and not only that, I had a single review. Not from a friend, not from family, but from a book blogger. Someone that reads a LOT of books. It blew me away and made my eyes water a little. Thank you Karen at Karen’s Book Haven for taking the time to not only review on your blog site, but to also take the time to do it on Amazon. Everybody check Karen out here:

And here is the link now to Amazon: