Lost and Found

Title: Lost and Found
Category: Books » Janet Evanovich
Author: basketcse
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Drama/Hurt/Comfort
Published: 01-29-13, Updated: 01-31-13
Chapters: 18, Words: 39,934

Most of the characters belong to Janet Evanovich. Nash is MINE! Don’t get any ideas.
This is a Babe story and a neutral Cupcake story.

I don’t think of Morelli as a bad guy. He’s just a regular guy who makes the mistakes most of our own men do. My stories are darker with some angst.

This is a darker Babe with an eventual hea. Ranger and Stephanie don’t come together easily in this drama with a sequel. The JE characters are dear to me but seem to never move along and don’t have real emotions. Stephanie gets out of every scrape and the triangle never ends. Not real. I like to introduce new characters too. Read my story to the end as difficult as it may be. The endings are happy and the storyline however painful has real meaning. Be kind I’m a new writer.

Warning-Mature content, a couple laughs, some tears, happy ending. Characters mostly not my own.

I have a new beta and I want to thank her for all her help with cleaning up my stories. You’re the best mandyh!


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