Title: Humility
Category: Books » Janet Evanovich
Author: basketcse
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Published: 09-16-13, Updated: 09-21-13
Chapters: 5, Words: 13,385

These are not my characters. They belong to the author Janet Evanovich and thank you for letting us borrow them and run with our fantasies.

Author’s Note – This is my first Cupcake HEA. Before you turn your head and go blech!, hear me out. I’m a Babe, however this story is a result of the book Smokin’ Seventeen which bugged the crap out of me. If you read it again, you’ll see some of what I did. First, Steph is a total slut and not because of any hoodoo from an old lady. Perfect excuse to get some Ranger nookie. Ranger was an arrogant ass. More than once I blanched at his dialogue. “Yes, but it will cost you.”, “Are we talking about sex?”, “I don’t have to bargain for sex, Babe.”

Duh! He already did. He gets his, zips up and leaves all satisfied as usual. In this book, Morelli was really sweet through nearly the whole book. He was cute and playful and fun! Ranger? Cute, yes. Playful and fun, not so much. So, I wrote how I felt about the book. This is my angsty take on how it could have gone. It’s short. Just a few chaps.

Special thanks to alix33 who will be doing the beta work. You are great!


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