Fade to Blackness

Title: Fade to Blackness
Category: Books » Janet Evanovich
Author: basketcse
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Published: 01-29-13, Updated: 01-29-13
Chapters: 21, Words: 45,823

Janet Evanovich owns most of these wonderful characters and I appreciate that she lets us fantasize and play with them. I got the seeds for this story reading two excellent authors fan fiction.

I was frustrated because Ranger and Steph are not evolving and then there are so many other interesting characters to explore like the Merry Men. Also, I thought Steph has a lot of close calls and “what if ” the characters really had to deal with a tragedy. How would they handle it?

So this is a post Steph and Ranger finally “get real” story. A Love story for bad boy Lester Santos involving a new character that comes to work at Rangeman. It is mature and dark yet full of  angst and a little humor. I introduced a couple new kooky characters and there is a new hottie that is trouble and maybe a little misunderstood…Cartel story is a true event. This is my first story and I hope you like it. I got better as the book evolved and I hope you enjoy the ending…Stay to the end it’s the best!

Warning-There is some scattered smut and a violent episode.


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