Dance with El Diablo

Title: Dance with El Diablo

Category: Books » Janet Evanovich

Author: basketcse

Language: English, Rating: Rated: T

Genre: Humor/Angst

Published: 10-15-13, Updated: 10-29-13

Chapters: 10, Words: 23,417

These are not my characters. They belong to the author Janet Evanovich and thank you for letting us borrow them and run with our fantasies.

This is my first Halloween ditty. It is kind of a Babe and has a weird hea. That’s all I’m saying. You know how I like movies. There is some similarity to the movies, “Big and Rosemary’s Baby” from way back.

This is funny and then gets very angsty. So, I’m warning you. It is a twisted and scary story! Mwa..ah..ah.

Special thanks to alix33 who is doing the beta work. You are great!



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