Big Surprises

Title: Big Surprises

Category: Books » Janet Evanovich

Author: basketcse

Language: English, Rating: Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Humor

Published: 09-28-13, Updated: 10-13-13

Chapters: 14, Words: 36,748

These are not my characters. They belong to the author Janet Evanovich and thank you for letting us borrow them and run with our fantasies.

This one is for margaret aka whymelucylu. She requested it and we laid it out together. Now if you know Margaret, you know that she is a true girlfriend. She is good-hearted and kind and nurturing and loving, baby bunnies, little yellow chicks and all that stuff; EXCEPT where Morelli and Helen are concerned. I had to tell her that no, I couldn’t write a scene with Morelli in a prison shower bending over to retrieve his soap and no I wasn’t going to write Helen duct taped to a chair in the Rangeman interrogation room with Hector and his knives ready to disappear her from the Burg. LOL

Instead, we came up with this nice little AU Babe HEA to commemorate Stephanie Plum’s birthday in October. It reads like a silly ‘One for the Money’ Redux which is almost what we named it.

Here’s to you, Marg, and all that you do for the authors on this site!

This is an AU story and Stephanie and Ranger behave OOC.

Special thanks to you alix33, who is a professional copy writer and did the beta work for me. I’m grateful for all your help and insights.



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