JE Plumfiction

As of July 2014, I have written 20 complete Janet Evanovich stories and have one in progress over at  My pen name is basketcse. There are a lot more partial story ideas in my head and partially written ones floating around on my computer hard drive. Stay tuned!

On October 26, 2014, I stepped away from because of writer abuse and to focus solely on my original work. That doesn’t mean that I may not revisit here now and then for fun or to finish some of the stories I started that still sit on my hard drive. So, keep in touch!



5 thoughts on “JE Plumfiction

  1. RJ Rich says:

    Sounds like you have had a hard time lately. I hope you might consider using this forum to post your “Brace for Babe” fanfiction in complete form? *maybe not providing for feedback ??? I have found myself hooked on it, and so saddened by others cruelty, that it limits your creativity

    • basketcse says:

      Hey there RJ. Can I cry on your shoulder? You are so sweet. Once I get it together here, I will probably finish them. I liked Brace too. Have to have some surgery. Will be out for about a month. But yeah! Will probably be bored after, till I can start my next book. The pub is still grinding away at the first, and haven’t read the second yet. Can’t continue until they do.

  2. RJ Rich says:

    Of course! Writing is such a creative outlet, too! Unfortunately, for some, “feedback” becomes a sport that is easier than being creative; don’t let those bring you down. In fact, I have a friend who has been a published author for over 20 years — he refuses to read ANY reviews 😉 He says it hurts his soul and stifles his spirit. Funny how a couple of harsh words echo louder than plenitude of praise, eh? But ultimately I think, though I’m not a creative person….just an everyday gal…I’ve decided that I am going to focus on listening to people I KNOW I respect….not those bored and cruel. You are in my thoughts. 😉

  3. basketcse says:

    And you are good woman. I stayed too long and let it kind of change me. I should have pulled out of there in the spring when I was really struggling with this stuff. That’s why it came down like a crash. You’re not the only one that wants those stories finished. I’ll get them up on here for you guys. What is your friend’s name? I’ll look him up. I should probably follow his lead. The nasties don’t hurt my soul, but they sure burn my butt! LOL

  4. RJ Rich says:

    He is Martin Powell. Thank you so much for making the decision to keep writing; not only for myself and others — but for yourself as well. I was lucky enough, years ago, to see my friend write 4 hours every night (though not privileged enough to READ it). He insisted that an author’s craft had to be practiced, disciplined, and honed. Thank you for being kind enough to share your work —- I am so sorry that some are unkind. Modern tech is a wonderful way to hone those skills —– and i hope that you can keep yourself TRUE to your passion — blind to both praise and savagery. Both can easily tempt one off YOUR path….and you have a truly interesting voice. i have to admit i am almost always a ‘lurker’ rather than a commenter on a story , other than to comment on the strength of character of storyline, plot, dialog, etc because I DO worry about pulling one off their own path…….but it seems you have found your way quite well 🙂
    Again….in my thoughts…..esp re health….

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