Brace for Babe Temporarily Suspended

Hi fanfiction friends! Just wanted to give you an update. Brace for Babe was suspended in January due to problems when my second book was released, Way to Roll. The publisher had let it drop riddled with errors and it was quickly pulled. I spent a month parting ways and getting it corrected to my specifications and it was worth it. I’m in control of my work and the bonus is that I get all the royalty now. Yeah! Sorry about the delay in the story.

I am also proud to announce that I am my own publishing house.


I’m happy to say that both my books were back up in February but I wasn’t able to secure promotions for both until March and April. There will be a special price on the e-book/Kindle version for a short period of time.

Note – If you have other types of e-books they can be easily converted now from mobi to epub.

Way to Go – March 21 through March 28

Way to Roll – April 7 through April 14

MBB_WayToRoll_Banner-animated (2)


There will also be a giveaway for three paperbacks during the promotion of Way to Roll. Here’s where they are located. So stop by early.

Additional Note – Anyone who has a blog or knows someone that does, email me at I will send a copy of choice for a review on their site and on Amazon.

Brace for Babe will resume shortly and I found two other humorous unfinished stories in canon that were never released. When I have time, I’ll finish those for you. Thanks for the patience.

Mandy aka basketcse