Way to Roll finally rolled out!

Hi all! I had to suspend some work in several areas due to technical problems with the release in January that ended with me now being the boss. (Sounds like me don’t it?) The quality and integrity of my work was not upheld by my previous publisher. It took some work but I’m happy to announce that I am now my own publishing house.

Both books were back up by the end of February, but I wasn’t able to secure promotions for both until March and April. There will be a special price on the e-book/Kindle version for a short period of time.

Note – If you have other types of e-books they can be easily converted now from mobi to epub.

Way to Go – March 21 through March 28

Way to Roll – April 7 through April 14

MBB_WayToRoll_Banner-animated (2)

There will also be a giveaway for three paperbacks during the promotion of Way to Roll. Here’s where they are located. So stop by early.



Additional Note – Anyone who has a blog or knows someone that does, email me at mandycoltonfiction@gmail.com. I will send a copy of choice for a review on their site and on Amazon.

Brace for Babe will resume shortly and I found two other humorous unfinished stories in canon that were never released. When I have time, I’ll finish those for you.

Thanks for the patience friends and fans.



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