Thank you! Now it’s time for a vacation…

Thanks to everyone that stopped by on blog tour day. Thank you for the reviews, books purchased and most of all, for your support. Those that write, know how good it feels just to sit down and wiggle your fingers, and start pounding on those mostly blank keys. At least mine are. The thing that I didn’t realize after the elation of a book deal, the adrenalin of the crunch time writing and editing rush to deliver on time, then everything else that comes with releasing your first book; In the end, even doing what you love, is stressful and exhausting.

Now I’m tired and my bare keyboard is starting to get dusty. So, I’m ready for a little R&R and then I’ll clean my writing room and maybe buy a new keyboard. Get back to the fun part.

FYI – Funny phenomenon. I created a Pinterest board for my book with Veronica’s destinations that she traveled, the food she ate, etc. And with a map. So many people have loved that. So, if you want something that is interactive, check it out.



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