First Review of Way to Go is Fantastic!

I blogged this on my author site and repeating it here for you girls.

It is hard to describe the vast number of feelings I’m sure any creative person experiences on their very first project. There is excitement, nerves, even doubts when you feel that you did your very best. So, at three in the morning I was sitting at the computer with bated breath, knee bouncing, a foot tapping, waiting for my book to go live on Amazon. After hitting the refresh button numerous times, I could clearly hear the anti-climatic scratching sound that a needle makes on a vinyl record in my head. Then I went to bed.

When I rose mid-morning, I had my ta-da moment. There it was, and not only that, I had a single review. Not from a friend, not from family, but from a book blogger. Someone that reads a LOT of books. It blew me away and made my eyes water a little. Thank you Karen at Karen’s Book Haven for taking the time to not only review on your blog site, but to also take the time to do it on Amazon. Everybody check Karen out here:

And here is the link now to Amazon:



2 thoughts on “First Review of Way to Go is Fantastic!

  1. michelle says:

    Read review. Very flattering. Congrats! Now if I can just figure out how to get it for Kobo.

  2. mandycolton says:

    Don’t know. It will be available on B&N in 90 days for Nook users and Books-A-Million, both in epub format. I read that you can download Kindle but you have to remove the DRM in order to read it. That’s all I got, Michelle girl.

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