Update for e-book users!

I just found out that my publisher utilizes a program with Amazon. Only the kindle e-book will be available for the first 90 days after book release. If you have a Nook or Kobo device, let me know. Email me at mandycoltonfiction@gmail.com


It’s locked and loaded!

Hello friends! I know it has been a long time since I have posted news. I am aware that some of you are waiting for me to finish fanfiction stories. All I can say is, once this original story train got rolling, it hasn’t slowed down. Had some bumps to deal with along the way and when you have a publisher, you are expected to write real books.

It has been one heck of a journey and a pain in the keister trying to get this first book out too. Boy, have I learned a lot! Two months late, but I think the publisher change will be a good thing. When my publisher, Howl, informed me this week that my book was loaded on the book sites and ready for release day, I wanted to barf. Still do. LOL

Official Book Release

Way to Go

May 1, 2015

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million

It will be available in e-book form for the kindle and Nook and in paperback.

FYI- On May 4, my book will be participating on a book blog tour and will be on sale for a week. So, you can take advantage of that for a savings.

In other news, I will likely be removing my stories and disassociating myself with fanfiction.net. They are now allowing anonymous guest reviews without authorization. I checked and for a while they could not even be removed. That feature is now working again, but since they are so lax in their policy, and don’t seem to care or be aware that this opens a huge window for abuse to the writers on that site, I’m saying adios for good.  I care about that issue because that is where I learned to write and honed my skills. As a former fanfiction reader, I hate that a few ruin the enjoyment for many. When you know someone who is abusing, speak up, report them, or stay away from them!

The good news is that I decided to separate my fanfiction and my original fiction so that you will still have a place to read my fanfiction stories. Your favorite stories will remain here at https://mandycoltonfiction.com/. This site is for basketcse fans.

Last, come check out my author site at http://www.mandycolton.com/

I didn’t want to be presumptuous and add my old followers, so please sign up for blog and book updates with my monkey man,  Mr. Mailchimp!

I still plan to get to the unfinished stories. Bear with me!

Love you guys…