Finally! A book release update…

Hello, and how is everyone doing? It has been a while since I posted. Someone is going to be working on the web/blog site in the next two weeks and I wanted to give you guys an update in case any information was accidentally lost during the overhaul. I have an update for you on the book release.

There were some technical difficulties and issues between myself and my publisher at crunch time. In the end, we amicably parted ways and it was the best thing for all.  I did come out pretty well acquiring two of their best people as part of my personal team and the book release will only be delayed a month.

If everything goes as planned, Way to Go will be released the first week in April. Yeah!

I am very happy to finally have a book cover to show you. Yeah, again! In a perfect world, this would have been finished no later than December. However, if done at that time, I wouldn’t have had any input on the finished cover. And I really do love this cover.



The second book in the series, Way to Roll, is almost finished except for the final edits and we’ll have a book cover reveal by the time Way to Go releases.

While waiting on this whole book publishing process, I did stay busy. I have written a group of four romance novellas that I planned to release in e-book form. If you guys want those in paperbacks as well, give me your feedback. They won’t be ready until summer, but they will give you a little sumpin’, sumpin’ steamy to read until Way to Roll releases later in the Fall/Winter.

Let me hear from you. What about other news? Anybody seen the the Fifty Shades movie and want to leave a spoiler free comment?