Regretful Ending

Yesterday was my last day as a writer on Writing on the site was a life changing experience for me. I wrote for a short two years, honed my skill, wrote a book, and got a publishing contract. The realization of a surreal and amazing dream come true for me. Still can’t believe it. I just wish that my departure had been a more pleasant one.

Most of my readers were aware that I had been fielding quite a bit of abuse for over a year. There were times when it was really hard to write, but I tried to use those times when I pushed back my chair to take the breaks to do something constructive. That’s how Way to Go happened. I certainly never expected my blog to be used for the purpose it has for these last months. A blogger guy in England contacted me one time, and told me he enjoyed my blog rant. Like, nice cat-fight lady. How embarrassing. LOL

I got some good advice last night from a stranger and this person didn’t hold back. I have been busy having battles with just a few nasty individuals, and I let it change me over time. That’s not the tough skin that I was trying to build. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to handle the nasty reviews on my book when they come, but this person told me that I better get ready. Don’t think that I don’t know that some of the recent nastiness will follow me too. This person told me that I was in the adult world as a real writer now, and stop being a baby. That made me snicker.

Regarding fanfiction, I do believe a site that allows guest reviews is like allowing a virus to spread. Budding writers are abused anonymously, and it frequently ends with abandoned stories, and departures like mine, and others I know. Less entertainment, and fresh ideas for readers. We can push a button and delete them, but we still see them and they effect the writer. I have gotten messages, and invitations from friends telling me about  new sites that are adopting safeguards for the writers by disallowing anonymous reviews. Readers can’t so easily, or viciously attack writers when a story doesn’t go their way. Big problems, and drama eliminated, and more entertainment and fun for everyone.

Here is an article I found about this topic where writers are almost being physically threatened by crazy people. It’s not just readers who attack, it is everyone, including other writers. There are many across the site, but the culprits are usually just a few bad eggs per fandom. I call them stalkers, I’ve seen them referred to as flamers, and trollers as well. Some people even do it for entertainment. Big issue that is ignoring.  This was written this summer:

Unless changes their policy on guest reviewing, I won’t be going back, it is not a healthy environment for me personally.

My blog will soon be transformed for the purpose it was intended. Thank you to the fans, and friends that stayed with me for so long. I appreciate all of you, and you know where to find me.

Mandy Colton

Stay tuned for more information on my new book series!

Book one in the series, Way to Go, will be released in March 2015.

Book two, Way to Roll, release date is still pending. TBA







16 thoughts on “Regretful Ending

  1. Anja says:

    It is indeed a regretful ending Mandy. But after I looked it up in the reviews from the other author I understand. I don’t think it is normal to write these things. Just sent a blog entry when your book is published so I can buy it, I’m not looking on Amazon everyday, never is more like it. I hope you and your family will be well despite what hateful words may come your way by mindless people. I’m sorry it has to be this way..

    • basketcse says:

      Hey Anja, it is just the nasty words of a few, not the majority. Margaret keeps typing her little nasty guest reviews, and Kate keeps pushing the approve button. They’re like a twisted tag team.

      The intended release is March. There is a little link here for Omnific Publishing. You can sign up for their newsletter that will show the new releases each month. If they ever get my artwork done, it will eventually show up there as it gets closer.
      Love you, chick!

  2. jackiew1954 says:

    Damn, damn, damn, say it ain’t so sister! Sneak in a few under the radar for me please!!!!!!!!!

  3. basketcse says:

    I over stayed is what I did over there. I’ll get my stories up on here. I have to figure out how to use the scrib’d thingamajobber. Somebody else did for me before. I already promised I would finish Brace for Babe. Love you, girlfriend.

    • jackiew1954 says:

      I’m heartbroken! Total denial!! And no way in hell did you over stay anywhere!!! I will read on here, already did Crazy Love. AND loved it again!
      Love you too girlfriend and hope all goes well in your new ventures. Can’t wait for the book!!!!

  4. Sandy says:

    I just gotta say “i don’t know what took you so long”. A person can only take so much toxic, negative energy and then it begins to affect them physically. When I am in that situation I often wonder if that is the desired effect of the person raining down their negativity on me. You have an amazing talent and many people, myself included, are interested in reading it. Just make sure we have access to what you’ve written in the past and what you write in the future!! I would “read you” if you were writing scripts for pantyhose ads!! Good luck with surgery, get well, keep writing, and just tell stalkers, trollers, etc. to f—- off!

    • basketcse says:

      Hey it’s Sandy! Yeah, I was struggling in the spring around the time I was trying to nail that book deal. I knew it was a matter of time. I had a to do list that I wanted to finish though. I’ll do it here and Elaine aka proudofyoubabe is going to do zinal’s Lester story. She’s in control, I’m just gonna consult. She’s a great writer.

      Here’s my script for pantyhose, had to wear them for years, “Late for work and got another run. Grrr! F*&%#$@!” LOL Now the youngin’s wear them for fun, and flair, and call them fashion.

  5. Angie Williams says:

    I’m gonna be so sad to see you go because I absolutely LOVE your stories!! I’ve seen where a lot of folks have left because of things others have said and it makes my heart hurt and my stomach sick at the same time. I won’t elaborate because there’s no need to rehash it. I will be on the lookout for your original work and will continue to follow your blog for updates from you. Keep your head up and please don’t let the ignorance of others discourage you!

  6. Selene Aduial says:

    Damn. I hate that they have run you of, but I totally understand the sentiment. I hope you’ll consider finishing your stories here because I would really love to see how they end.
    Stay strong and all the good luck with your books. Once I’ve got some money to spend I plan on buying them.

  7. Laurie Nalezny says:

    Mandy I’ve been out of the loop for a little over a week and just read your post. I’m so sorry that a few crazies have to run off the most creative and entertaining writers. It sucks big donkey balls. Seriously, big hairy ones.;-) I know that you’ll continue to succeed as a writer and can’t wait for your original work to come out. I’ll happily pay you for your talent. I’ll be sure to keep up on your blog. New posts and stories always make my day!

    Continued success!
    Laurie (aka ybanormlmom)

  8. basketcse says:

    I’m good girls. Right after this went down I was contacted by the content editor of my series. She has now read the second book in my series and it is better than the first. They have me working and punching up the first. Excellent publisher, I have now read some of the other author’s they handle. Great writing. Check out Dr Ivan, two time Mr. USA, and Fabio of his own series. Amber Belledene and her vamps. Totally unique and awesome writing. I’m among some really good writers with Omnific!

  9. pinkberry80 says:

    Ugh. People who are negative nancies ruin the fun for everyone. I’m actually a professional book reviewer in real life and I carry the same values there as I have in fanfiction – the thumper rule. I’m really sorry and hope your professional career goes great. I’ll be waiting!

  10. jackiew1954 says:

    I hope you are in a good place now and are still writing and thinking up wonderful stories!!! You and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Sam says:

    I am absolutely heartbroken to find that you will no longer be writing on the fanfiction site. In fact, you wrote some of the absolute best JE fanfiction I have ever read — I was DESPERATELY hooked on Absolution and Brace for Babe, even moreso Brace for Babe.. I will continue to check here in hopes that you finish BFB because honestly that was probably one of my ultimate favorite fanfics! Don’t let anyone get you down — you are an incredibly talented writer who definitely did not deserve the bullying and abuse that was dealt to you via the FF site. Just know that you have a fan in me!

    • basketcse says:

      Thank you so much. I’ll be right here. I plan to finish Brace for Babe, but since I left, I’ve had one small surgery to prepare for another. And, I had to do a major re-write of my book when I got the editor’s plan. The second book was better and I felt the first just wasn’t up to par. Probably most writer’s feel that way about their projects. I just finished with that, but I have some other stuff to catch up on now. So, hang tight, and just check back periodically. Mandy

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