Regretful Ending

Yesterday was my last day as a writer on Writing on the site was a life changing experience for me. I wrote for a short two years, honed my skill, wrote a book, and got a publishing contract. The realization of a surreal and amazing dream come true for me. Still can’t believe it. I just wish that my departure had been a more pleasant one.

Most of my readers were aware that I had been fielding quite a bit of abuse for over a year. There were times when it was really hard to write, but I tried to use those times when I pushed back my chair to take the breaks to do something constructive. That’s how Way to Go happened. I certainly never expected my blog to be used for the purpose it has for these last months. A blogger guy in England contacted me one time, and told me he enjoyed my blog rant. Like, nice cat-fight lady. How embarrassing. LOL

I got some good advice last night from a stranger and this person didn’t hold back. I have been busy having battles with just a few nasty individuals, and I let it change me over time. That’s not the tough skin that I was trying to build. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to handle the nasty reviews on my book when they come, but this person told me that I better get ready. Don’t think that I don’t know that some of the recent nastiness will follow me too. This person told me that I was in the adult world as a real writer now, and stop being a baby. That made me snicker.

Regarding fanfiction, I do believe a site that allows guest reviews is like allowing a virus to spread. Budding writers are abused anonymously, and it frequently ends with abandoned stories, and departures like mine, and others I know. Less entertainment, and fresh ideas for readers. We can push a button and delete them, but we still see them and they effect the writer. I have gotten messages, and invitations from friends telling me about  new sites that are adopting safeguards for the writers by disallowing anonymous reviews. Readers can’t so easily, or viciously attack writers when a story doesn’t go their way. Big problems, and drama eliminated, and more entertainment and fun for everyone.

Here is an article I found about this topic where writers are almost being physically threatened by crazy people. It’s not just readers who attack, it is everyone, including other writers. There are many across the site, but the culprits are usually just a few bad eggs per fandom. I call them stalkers, I’ve seen them referred to as flamers, and trollers as well. Some people even do it for entertainment. Big issue that is ignoring.  This was written this summer:

Unless changes their policy on guest reviewing, I won’t be going back, it is not a healthy environment for me personally.

My blog will soon be transformed for the purpose it was intended. Thank you to the fans, and friends that stayed with me for so long. I appreciate all of you, and you know where to find me.

Mandy Colton

Stay tuned for more information on my new book series!

Book one in the series, Way to Go, will be released in March 2015.

Book two, Way to Roll, release date is still pending. TBA