The Absolution. Chapter 14 You Bad, Bad, Ranger…

I can almost hear a bunch of you readers growling across the net. So, after reading the end of chapter 14, I’m sure that many of you have thoughts. Ranger goes back to the mistress at the end of the chapter for some stress relief. I made a note at the end, saying that it looks like a cat really can’t change his spots. You might consider this move of his kind of a real revelation about the man. Do you think he’s capable of real commitment? What about his dark side? The jaded side?

His actions would really make me wonder about his true intentions where Stephanie and Angel are concerned. Are they really sincere, or is he used to just getting his way and determined for that reason? He strikes me as a man that prefers ownership over a real partnership. Is this someone that you would trust in a marriage? Just curious about your thoughts on the subject.

You can rant, curse and spit here. Have fun!



2 thoughts on “The Absolution. Chapter 14 You Bad, Bad, Ranger…

  1. Sandy/Avid Reader 59 says:

    I was hoping you weren’t serious about leaving ff, but alas, when I looked for Brace for Babe to post a plea to beg you to at least finish that story, I realized you were gone. I tried earlier to send you a PM, but saw you had already turned it off. But since your stories and profile were still up at that time, I thought maybe you were having second thoughts about leaving. But I was wrong. 😦

    Well, damn, I just HATE this! I really, really, REALLY hate that you’re leaving, ‘er, that you left. At least I know I’ll get to read your new book in March, but I strongly hoped to read the rest of Brace for Babe and I also planned to re-read Redemption and The Absolution. I never posted a final review for The Absolution (I’m a horrible procrastinator, no, actually I’m a very good procrastinator, lol) and I wanted to re-read it before finally posting that last review.

    Is there any possibility that you’ll post Brace for Babe here or at another site? I REALLY hope you will. I’m sure right now your emotions are all over the place, but I know you have a lot of followers and friends on ff who enjoyed your stories and appreciated you as an author, and hopefully you’ll eventually remember us instead of the trolls.

    Mandy, please hang in there. If you’d rather respond to me by email instead of posting here, that would be great. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sandy/Avid Reader 59

    • basketcse says:

      Sandy, another person has already asked me to finish that story. I said I would when I could. Be calm. Breathe. I have to have surgery soon. I left abruptly, because people connected with the site really made me mad regarding the abusive reviews. I’m done with fanfiction and won’t advocate it at all again until guest reviews are disallowed.

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