The Absolution. Chapter 14 You Bad, Bad, Ranger…

I can almost hear a bunch of you readers growling across the net. So, after reading the end of chapter 14, I’m sure that many of you have thoughts. Ranger goes back to the mistress at the end of the chapter for some stress relief. I made a note at the end, saying that it looks like a cat really can’t change his spots. You might consider this move of his kind of a real revelation about the man. Do you think he’s capable of real commitment? What about his dark side? The jaded side?

His actions would really make me wonder about his true intentions where Stephanie and Angel are concerned. Are they really sincere, or is he used to just getting his way and determined for that reason? He strikes me as a man that prefers ownership over a real partnership. Is this someone that you would trust in a marriage? Just curious about your thoughts on the subject.

You can rant, curse and spit here. Have fun!