Absolution, Fifty Shades, and True Blood finale. What the…?

Okay, deep breath. I guess we first talk about Ranger and Stephanie. So the shark? I know, I wrote it just because it was fun. Ranger is not the type of guy to blast his true feelings. We’ll just see him lose a little control sometimes, right? I couldn’t help myself with Lester. I thought that if I was in their shoes that I truly might be resentful just like them.

Lester didn’t care that Stephanie was nice to his men. He had no problem with women, could care less. She was just a big pain in Bobby’s butt. It’s not that he didn’t care, but talking to Stephanie was probably like talking to a muppet to him. She didn’t take anything that seriously. Who cares if she was nice to a bunch of big buff guys? The guys really don’t, they don’t think that way. They are thinking, I’d like to nail that.

Writing Ranger made me see both sides better. I’ve tried to put myself in a man’s shoes. A man and a woman’s point of view and how they think is like night and day. I have even had my husband in on the writing of these stories. He hates it, but he answers my questions honestly.

Here is a chapter where I have let you lead me. Some of you were uncomfortable that Ranger was sharing with Sylvia. In this chapter, he tells her that she needs to go when she asks personal questions. Do you think there will be fall-out from that? See, like in life, what you write has a consequence too. Interesting, huh?

I was in an argument with my son’s new high school over that same issue. The Journalism department wrote a harmful story about one of his middle school teachers. She was a good teacher and lost her position. I told the principal that they were breeding future paparazzi’s. He thought it was amusing, it’s not. Unfortunately, he asked what I did for a living. I have to go and speak to the Journalism class now.

Next item up for discussion. Fifty Shades of Grey. Who is happy with the casting? I swear the pictures make me grimace. The guy is just weird and the girl is boring and plain Jane. I do NOT want to watch those two doing anything, much less, IT! I’m seriously thinking that it may go the way of janet’s One for the Money movie that they ruined. 

I guess a lot of actors were just going to have a problem with the goofy dialogue in the movie. I can picture a real macho guy going, “I’m not saying that.” Hahaha!

Last sore subject, last night’s True Blood finale. Come on! Sookie ends up with a man with no face? Bill was right when he had that dream about their baby with the void for a face. The writers may have been headed in the right direction, but they crashed and burned. Heard they got budget cuts and since the series was ending already this season they cut it from 12 episodes to 10. Then I guess they nixed bringing in a new character for an ending love interest for her. Well, as far as I’m concerned, the writers and HBO are talentless if that’s the best that they could come up with in the end. I could have written better. Well, I think I could.

Comments welcome. Let’s grouch, girls. 


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