The last chapter of Redemption was posted today. Anyone want to talk about the ending? Many of you were really angry at Morelli and her own family.

I couldn’t be angry with Joe. He was the one that was hurt the most in the whole scandal. His dreams literally came crashing down around him, doesn’t matter if they matched hers or not. He was devastated.

As far as Grandma Mazur and her parents, my thinking was that they were doing what some parents do. They mistakenly thought they were doing the right thing. They sent her out into the wilderness, broken and beat down, and she didn’t make it.

Ranger rescued her, but in the wrong way. In the end, they both needed redemption for their wrongs, and some higher power left them a gift to help with that.

Author note – I have never written a story where the vote for a sequel was almost unanimous. You forced my typing hands, and I guess I’m going to have to put out. I know, bad joke. But, Steph was a ho for a while. LOL



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