Way to Go wins a publisher!

About ten months after I conceived the ridiculous idea of writing an original book, I was signed by a publisher in May. Thank you Omnific Publishing, and thank you to all of my fans for the support, and good wishes during an arduous process. It was sometimes a labor of love, and other times a scratch my butt, and head, exasperating experience. I had to explain many loud thunks coming from my writing room when I got those rejection emails.

Special thanks goes to an awesome editor you know as Jenrar, she made my book come alive, and helped guide me to Omnific. I have a team working on my book now, and I’ve been given a disappointing tentative publishing date of March 2015. However, I’m still pushing for end of the year, and all of the editors working on the book are aware.

So, if you like, you may sign up for the Omnific Publishing newsletter, and receive updates on new releases including mine. There is a link on the sidebar to the left. Those guys are very nice folks, and they have a lot of great authors over there.

Thanks again to my loyal readers and friends!



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