Dollar to Donuts, it was a Dream Twist and it’s Twelve Sharp…

So, chapters 7 & 8 were pretty darn heavy. Some of you compared it to Dallas. Bobby’s not dead, he’s just in the shower

Brilliant, I didn’t think about that as I was writing the story. However, that’s a great comparison. Now you know why I didn’t develop the character Ben, further and why I didn’t delve into the marriage between Stephanie and him. She was meant to just have glimpses of a more fulfilled life. It took great pain for Stephanie to see that she was in fact a fool and it WAS her fault.

I promised a story with a message and there is a note on Chapter 9 where I talk a little about that after re-reading a good portion of Twelve Sharp. This is what I wrote:

“Twelve was probably one of her very best books if not THE best, hands down! Omigoodness, Caroline Scarzolli (shoplifter and Pleasure Treasures lady). “72 yrs. old, skin like an alligator’s, bleached blonde hair teased into a rat’s nest; wears orthopedic shoes, fishnet stockings, a tight spandex miniskirt, and a skimpy tanktop; probably smoked 3 packs a day and slept in a tanning bed (Her Grandma Mazur would get along great with this lady!).” The wall of dildos and Lula recommending the Big Boys video and buying her the Herbert Horsecock, then Caroline pulls a sawed-off from under the counter and tells them to take their shit and run and they do. Hehehe! Then they borrow Bob to apprehend this dangerous arsonist/attempted murderer times five in a park. It almost goes bad and the next thing you know, Bob is playing on his stunned body and slobbering on his crotch. Great stuff!

Here is the thing that is so wrong with the way Stephanie is written. They are seriously scared of this guy and yet Stephanie’s stun gun light won’t come on because the battery is so low. Come on! They don’t prepare at all? That’s not only totally reckless, it’s moronic stuff! All they have is Lula’s big gun and she can’t shoot the broad side of a barn even if she can get it out of her big bag before the other guy shoots first. Betcha’ dollars to donuts that if Lula or Bob had died, she would have Steph saying, “It wasn’t my fault.” That is writing her character so inept it’s ridiculous. I’m pretty sure that a guy like Ranger, would consider her mostly entertainment fodder and tail. No wonder he won’t get serious about a relationship with her.”

We are going to be getting into something new in the next chapter. A glimpse of a jealous and insecure, Ranger. Some of his secrets have been outed by a ghost. He’s probably feeling very weird and unlike himself. Comments welcome on the chapters or this fantastic book that Janet Evanovich wrote.



There Is Only One Ranger…and how did he scratch his itch?

In chapter three of this story, Ranger’s betrayal is revealed. The problem wasn’t the fact that he had another woman, it was that he hid it from Stephanie. He had a girlfriend, a relationship, and he lied to her. Her triangle was well-known and she didn’t hide and Ranger kind of used it to his advantage. Don’t you think? What it looks like at this point is that he kind of made Stephanie his Trenton girl.

The most hurtful thing to her was sharing stories about her as entertainment fodder to his girlfriend, Paulina. That was the big straw that broke the friendship apart.

In the next chapter, I make this author’s note:

Many of you had fantastic comments and insights about the last chapter. Funny thing. This started with a chat with another author you all know. She mentioned in a chapter of her own story, Ranger thinking in his mind about mistresses. I told her that it reminded me of a story that I’d half-finished and I went back and looked at it and it was pretty good. In JE’s books, nothing is ever mentioned about Ranger and how he scratches his itch for what? Nearly three years? You know that a virile man like him is not celibate by far. He’s getting it somewhere and he’s too old and sophisticated now to be still trolling the bars. I think he’d at least want someone familiar for his itch. He has money. So, what would be the logical scenario? Posting on my blog if you want to register your opinion on the subject.  

Ever wonder about that? Babe’s, we would like to think he saves himself and pines only for Stephanie… But, I think, no.

A couple of you said that you had similar experiences in a relationship with a dishonest man. I had one kind of like this too. He was my first true love and we were very young.  He was four years older than my 18 years and we were having issues and broke up for a little while. He moved to a little town about thirty miles away for a few months and then came back and began a new job and he was rooming with a buddy that just got divorced. He showed up at my work one night when I was coming out. All he had to do was touch me with one stupid finger and I melted and fell for him, again. One month later and ironically, on an Easter morning, the doorbell rings.

I heard voices and then he came into the bedroom and told me to get dressed and leave. There was a girl standing in the living room, his other girl. She thought that I was someone that he’d just picked up the night before. We had been together two years. That was the last straw for me. I had been in her shoes already, one time before. I told her to beware on my way out the door. She was crying and I told her to save some tears for later, he wasn’t done breaking her heart, I told her that I had already been in her shoes and cried so many times over that guy. The jerk told me enough and to be quiet, kind of like I wrote Ranger doing with Stephanie.

If you have a story and want to share, we girls are here…