More Big Surprises Chapter 24 Forgiveness and Help

I started this chapter with an author’s note:

“Some of you were not very happy with the last chapter because Ranger and Stephanie are trying to help her family. Some ask why bother? Well, I have mentioned before about being estranged from my family. I always missed them and I always had hope till the last month that my Dad passed and I saw him twice and it was heartbreaking to know that it was just too late by then. My son had missed out on having other people to care about him in his life over these years. Just a relationship with one member like a sibling in my family would have mattered.

Ranger is a smart man and knows that his wife will not be happy just turning her back on them and staying away from them. This is why he is taking the initiative here. Even as bad as they are, she misses them and she knows that Valerie is shocked and devastated right now. It makes more sense to try to pull the family together and help them if there is hope and they can be helped. You know I write stories that have meaning and in this chapter and the ones coming up you’ll see the work of a good man with a caring heart as well as others with the same. Dammit! Wish I would have had a Ranger to fix my family. Keep reading.”

You know that the Stephanie that we are all familiar with could never turn her back on her family. It’s just not in her to do that. She’s not the type of person to be happy being estranged from them. I can tell you from experience that it is very difficult to make that decision and once you do and time passes the relationships are never the same. My own parents were just plain detrimental and bad for me and my family. Like Helen, my mother was the antagonist. But, I tried to get through to my Dad up until a year before he died because it didn’t make me happy being without them. They were still my family and I would have been happy with a relationship with just one of my family members in the end. Even my one sibling told me I was dead to him after my Dad’s funeral. My Dad was sweet and remorseful in that last month. It was heartbreaking to know at that point that it was just too late and there was no more hope.

I know people that are angry because their parents passed away early in life and left them. I sympathize and yet I can tell you that it is so hard being rejected or abandoned. The unfortunate children tend to blame themselves and suffer from a variety of emotional issues. Lack of confidence, low self esteem, relationship problems, commitment issues, and even more severe issues. I still tried to help my mother after my Dad passed because she’s showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. She was a woman who said hurtful things to me and treated me bad my whole life. However, she’s still my mother. My point is, that the family bond is strong.

Ranger thinks that by intervening and giving this broken family help and direction that there is still hope for them. Maybe not for Helen, but for the rest of the family. Being a new father, he recognizes the need to help the innocent children involved in this whole mess as well. Stephanie is already healing and even in JE’s books she’s kind of an unintentional nurturer. Why did Ranger open Rangeman and fill it with broken military men? To me, he’s also a nurturer. He gathers his troops and people and he moves them in the right direction.

I couldn’t write this story any other way than the direction it’s going. If you’re a sucker for a heartwarming story, it  will be that in the end. Happy reading!

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