More Big Surprises Chapter 23 Family Issues

The new Manoso parents are very happy and little Bean is the new master of the house. That’s alright because he happens to be very cute. Stephanie is adjusting to being a new Mommy well. Can you see the difference in the feelings about marriage and having children  in this Stephanie? Why do you think she seems content? What’s the difference in her and JE’s Stephanie? Do you see signs of her growing up?

In this chapter Stephanie is showing some signs of bravery now that she is a mother. She wants to deal with her past and try to let it go and allow herself some happiness.

There is a big issue waiting to be dealt with and they really know that no news in this case is not necessarily good news.  They will have to call Frank and find out how he’s dealing with the issue of Helen and Valerie’s secrets and Val will have to face Ranger over attacking Stephanie the day Bean was born. What is your opinion of Frank and his attitude? Is he a victim or an accomplice to Helen?

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