More Big Surprises Chapter 21 The Val Reveal and Here Comes the Bean

I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter that in writing this story further that Val’s revelation will maybe be used for good later. I know it is a sick mess. Many of you mentioned the point I was making in this Helen mess. The point is that you can’t bury mistakes like this. They never go away and they can even multiply. We all know that Helen is wrong and there are many victims now. What about Frank? He is still a victim or accomplice at this point in his reticence?

Poor Cal, what a good guy he his. I paid a little ode to him from the JE book when Val went into labor. Remember? I know you do.

Ranger missed the birth and little Bean just slid right into the world.

Do you think Frank is capable of getting control of his family and really helping them?  Or, do you see Ranger stepping in like a General and taking control?

Love to hear your thoughts!



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