More Big Surprises Chapter 20 Baby Showers, Baby Room and Crazy Val

In this chapter the guys have a romping and creative baby shower. They really took the ideas and made their shower into guy fun. The ‘Baby Huey’ game was my idea. Below is a link for one of the cute games:

Stephanie and Ranger get to see the baby room that Ella thought would be perfect for them. See the bedroom by clicking the link:

Stephanie has a kind of epiphany after the shower. She mentions that she’s had some important inner revelations. She’s found some strength and peace within herself. Maybe she’s growing up. Maybe she’ll shed that self-denial attitude she carries and stop running and realize that her old adage of  ‘It’s not my fault’, is usually not the case. For everything that happens to her, she maybe has a small hand in it.

Val arrives uninvited and a little crazy. We all knew that she wouldn’t take the truth about her parents well. Why is she blaming Stephanie and angry at her Dad? Do you think Helen has done a small amount of brain washing on her daughter over the years? Who is really to blame and who’s in denial, really?

Comments welcome! Love hearing from you.


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