More Big Surprises Chapter 19 Fowl words, Val, Immodesty, Crazy life

We see Stephanie changing a little again as her pregnancy moves along. She doesn’t seem to be as bothered with the guys and their antics since she’s just dealing with one or two at a time. She’s not much concerned with modesty or embarrassment any longer. Do you think the new environment made a difference? Not living in that high-octane fishbowl at Rangeman?

What do you think about Valerie and her attitude. Do you think that we’re seeing her real personality or her mother’s influence? Did you detect a hint of jealousy in her?

Would Stephanie really be happier if her life were more ‘Burg proper and less crazy? I don’t think so. What’s your opinion?

Stephanie is thinking about a new job in this chapter. Do you think that she would be happy with just any job? I think she may not be able to do skip tracing, but she won’t be happy with ordinary. Any ideas for jobs or occupations after the baby is born. I haven’t decided yet which direction I will take her.

What did you think of the house? I can’t see their house having as much red in it as the real one was decorated. I see it more neutral with the splashes of floral and brights.

Love hearing from you!


3 thoughts on “More Big Surprises Chapter 19 Fowl words, Val, Immodesty, Crazy life

  1. Anja says:

    LOL Detect a hint of jealousy in Valerie? That is a understatement. Stephanie’s new job…. I have no idea, but it has to be something with what she can use her talents. Shit I am so bad at reviewing or even telling what I mean. Sorry, but I tried.

  2. basketcse says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I agree with the job thing and I am stuck on that one. Going to do some research on the matter. You’re post was great! Hope to hear more from you.

  3. Anja says:

    I only saw you replied just now. You just heard more from me about your rant about reviewers. LOL Oh about having more than one pen name, I have too, but I have one for each the two fandoms I try to write story’s for. I know I am not allowed but when I realized that I had posted there already. I hope I will never use it to hurt another person, not because I’m such a saint, but I really try not to do to another what I would hate to receive myself. CU Anja

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