More Big Surprises Chapter’s 16 &17 and the Pov’s.

Let’s talk about the different point of views of the Rangemen.  They all have a different opinion of the prank and Stephanie and Ranger and the business. Even women in the work place in general. I replied to a couple of reviewer gals  and after reading comments regarding Tank, thought that a discussion about the men would be fun. We rarely hear from Manny and we should hear from Hector and I thought a little heard from Luis could speak for him and Ella.

First, let’s address Tank. He was portrayed as a dolt by JE. He let the old skip kick him in the nuts and he was attracted to Lula. Not out of the ordinary. One of  my own BFF’s is a black woman and her man loves her curves and the booty. That’s not the issue, it’s the fact that Lula comes off dingy as well.  I love her and love writing her, but still I can’t take Tank seriously in the JE books. He just didn’t talk and wasn’t given much in the way of intelligence. However, I know and we all probably know that he would not be Ranger’s second in command if he wasn’t sharp. In his Pov, he talks a little and it hints he’s a bit war-torn and maybe is suffering from a small amount of PTSD. What do you think? He is concerned about his future and livelihood. He invested everything he had earned and even in blood. He doesn’t dislike Stephanie, just sees her as kind of crazy and a wedge between him and his long time partner.

I started writing about Steph’s thought on a new career after the baby is born.  I wrote that she knows realistically with Bean that she can’t skip trace and Ranger wouldn’t let her without working at his company and with a strong partner. I think maybe something of her own that she can do PT or FT. One reader , MIBbabe  mentioned that a job where she interacted with the Rangeman company and they were impressed would be good for her. I thought maybe something in sales with a new technology company that has the latest security stuff or something. The government even uses them and she meets Ranger’s General.  Thought it would be good to ask ideas from you guys for jobs for her. Talk to me.



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